1. ISRO has successfuly launched GSAT-19 communication satellite thrigh which launch vehicle?

    GSLV Mark-II4I

  2. What is the India's rank in the 2017 IMD World Digital Competitiveness Index?


  3. Who organizes World Twenty-20


  4. Name the French Company that supported 'Make in India'


  5. In Telangana villages Ganagalam is used for which purpose?

    Storage of Water

  6. The winner of Nobel Prize in Literature in 2015, Svetlana Alexievich belongs to which country?


  7. Komaravelli Mallanna Temple is located in the district of


  8. Prime Minister's Kaushal Vikas Yojana' is meant for

    To encourage skill development for youth

  9. Which of the following country is recognized as one of the mega diversity centers?


  10. Planning Commission was set-up in the year


  11. Who among the following took apart in the Quit India Movement?

    Aruna Asaf Ali

  12. Who proposed the term ecosystem?


  13. Secunderabad was named after whom?

    Secunder Jha

  14. The Mozam Jahi Market in Hyderabad was named after

    The Second son of Osman Ali Khan

  15. I should not get up early tomorrow_____?

    Should I

  16. Identify the word that is not close to the meaning of 'LETHARGY'


  17. Which of the following is the nearest meaning of the word 'IMMINENT'?

    Likely to happen very soon

  18. India has successfully test-fired the Surface to Air missile Barak-8 recently. This missile has been developed in collaboration with


  19. Which of the following States became the First State in India to lunch DNA Index System (DIS) for DNA profiling of criminals.

    Andhra Pradesh

  20. Who is the recently elected Prime Minister of Nepal?

    Pushpakumar Dahal Prachanda

  21. Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali, considered as the greatest of all time passed away recently. He was a national of


  22. Which of the following rivers is the tributary of the Cauvery river?

    Amaravathi, Hemavathi, Shimsha.

  23. Nick name of the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt who created an unprecedented record in Rio Olympics 2016 is

    Lightning Bolt

  24. According to the 2011 Census data, the most literate state after Kerala is


  25. The most extensive soil cover of Telangana State

    Red Soil

  26. Alisagar Deer Park is located in the district of


  27. Which of the following two districts are not covered by Pranahita- Chevella lift irrigation scheme?

    Khamman- Mahbubnagar

  28. Kanyakumari is located

    North of the Equator

  29. Summits of Western Ghats are covered with

    Laterite Soils

  30. HIB vaccine was prepared by Serum Institute of India. Where is it locked?


  31. Who is called as the father of India Space Programmer ?

    Vikram Sarabhai

  32. Using a rocket engine made through indigenous technology, ISRO placed 2211 kg INSAT3DR satellite in orbit in September 2016. The name of the engine is :


  33. Find the wrong number in the series-3,6,11,17,27,38


  34. A clock reads 10.30. If hours hand points to East, In what direction minutes hand points?


  35. If M is sitting to the north of N and P is sitting to the East of N. In what direction is P sitting to M?


  36. What was the organization formed by Telangana NRI Assiciation to support the Telangana Movement?

    Telangana Development Forum

  37. What is the formula announced by Indira Gandhi to assuage Telangana Movement in 1969?

    Eight point formula

  38. The Vice-Chancellor who openly supported 1969 Telangana Movement is?

    R. Satyanaryana

  39. The announcement with regard to the formation of Telangana Rashtra Samithi was made at which of the following place?

    Jala Drushyam

  40. Pranab Mukherji committee was appointed in which years?


  41. The first student who first committed suicide during the later phase of Telangana Movement?

    Srikanta Chary

  42. The slogan "Palle Palle Pattala Paiki" has been used during which of the following agitation?

    Sakala Janula Samme

  43. Among the following, the major beneficiary state due to the implementation of green revolution in 1960s was


  44. Largest public sector bank in India among the following is

    State Bank of India

  45. The tern Tsunami is derived from


  46. Disasters can be categorised into various types on the basis of

    Loss of human life they result

  47. Sound above what level (in decibles) is considered hazardous noise pollution?


  48. The highest moisture content is in which of the following

    Agriculture Waste

  49. Which of the following is a Biodegradable organic Chemical substances


  50. Which of the following is a Biodegradable organic Chemic

  51. Who Conducts elections for Panchayati Raj Institutions?

    Autonomous State Election Commission

  52. How many states in India have bicameral legislatures?


  53. Which State Assembly in India has highest number of seats?

    Uttar Pradesh

  54. The electoral symbol of Aam Admi Party (AAP)


  55. The Vice President is the Ex-officio chairman of

    The Rajya Sabha

  56. The Counil of Ministers is collectively responsible to

    The Lok Sabha

  57. The minimum age at which a person can be appointed as Prime Minister of India is

    25 years

  58. Who convenes the joint sessions of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

    The President

  59. The Governor of a State is accountable for all his actions to

    The President

  60. The economist from Osmania University who later became the Governor of Reserve Bank of India

    Y. Venugopal Reddy

  61. Who among the following the chairman of BC commission of Telangana State in 2016?


  62. The Telangana State Industrial Policy frame work will be driven by the slogan

    Innovation, Research, Inclusiveness

  63. The movement that came to an abrupt end due to the Chauri Chaura incident was the

    Non-Coopeation Movement

  64. "Do or die" was one of the most powerful slogans of India's freedom struggle. Who gave it?

    M.K. Gandhi

  65. Hunter Committee was appointed by the British to probe into the

    Jallianwala Bagh tragedy

  66. The first satyagraha campaign of Gandhiji was started in India at


  67. Who from the following was Not a member of Cabinet Mission?

    Lord Atlee

  68. Who started the modern local self Government during the British period?

    Lord Rippon

  69. With whose effort, the Window Remarriage Act was enacted during the British period?

    Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

  70. Who was the founder of Forward Block Party?

    Subhash Chandra Bose

  71. Yamuna Express highway links

    Greater Noida & Agra

  72. The first Sponge Iron Plant was established in Telangana State at

    Palvancha of Bhadradri Kothagudem district

  73. Which of the following power plant is generating Solar Power under TSGENCO?

    Jurala Solar Power Plant

  74. National Academy of Agricultural Research Management(NAARM) is situated at

    Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

  75. Lakhnavaram Project is located in the following district of Telangana state?

    Acharya Jayashankar Bhupalpally

  76. Kaziranga wildlife reserve is in


  77. One of the most prominent food crops highly produced in India during 2011-12 was


  78. Which state is major producer of gold


  79. Sardar Sarovar dam is in the state of


  80. The world's largest Charkha or spinning wheel was unveiled recently at which place?

    Indira Gandhi International Airport

  81. Jallikattu, a traditional sport was in the news in January, 2017. It has its roots in the state of


  82. The 104th Indian Science Congress was held at


  83. An International conference for deliberating on the Israel-palestine dispute was held in which of the following city in the month of January, 2017


  84. Suvidha(e) prepaid card has been launched by

    UCO Bank

  85. What is "BHIM"/

    It is a re-branded version of UPI and USSD

  86. The Nuclear Security Summit, 2016 was held at

    Washington DC

  87. Which film was selected as the Best Picture in the 87th Academy(Oscar) Awards for the year 2014?


  88. What is the present name of the BRICS Development Bank?

    New Development Bank

  89. Who is the President of cuba at present?

    Raul castro

  90. who is the First Women appointed recently as the Director General of the sashastra seema Bal (SSB)?

    Archana Ramasundaram

  91. American Presidential Elections are held at, every_____years


  92. 'Barren Island' which is the only active Volcano in India is situated in which part of India?


  93. Who is the prime minister of india?

    Narendra Modi

  94. Which is the oldest Veda ?


  95. Which is the period of rapid growth of India's population ?


  96. Which mineral is known as 'Black Gold' ?


  97. Who was the last governor general of India?

    Chakrabarty Rajagopalachari

  98. Dandi March is associated with .....

    Civil Disobedience Movement

  99. Which is the largest cement producing state in India?

    Andhra Pradesh

  100. Which planet takes maximum time for one revolution ?


  101. Which city known as Electronic city of India?


  102. Which of the following schemes was launched by Govt. of India for school children?

    Mid Day Meal