Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Ravi runs at 15.6 kmph. How many metres does he run in 2 minutes?

    260 m

  2. If one-seventh of a number exceeds its eleventh part by 100, then the number is:


  3. Two numbers are such that the square of one is 224 less than 8 times the square of other. If the numbers be in the ratio of 3:4, the numbers are:


  4. The least number of five digits which is exactly divisible by 12,15 and 18 is:


  5. The sum of two numbers is 528 and their H.C.F. is 33. The number of pairs of such numbers satisfying the above condition is:


  6. Find the smallest number which when divided by 6,10 and respectively leaves 5 as remainder in each case?


  7. A certain sum of money amounts of Rs.1488 in three years and to Rs.1680 in five years. The annual rate of interest is


  8. A single discount that is equivalent to three successive discount of 30%,20% and 10% is


  9. By selling 21 articles a shop keepar gains the selling price of one article this gain percentage is


  10. What must be subtracted from the term of ratio 5:8 to get 2:5?


  11. 5 men can do a piece of work in 6 days while 10 women can do it in 5 days. how many days can 5 women and 3 men do it?


  12. A solid metallic cone of height 10cm, radius of base 20cm is melted to make spherical balls each of 4cm diameter. How many such balls can be made?


  13. The area of a sector of a circle of radius 5cm, formed by an are of length 3.5cm is

    8.75 cm²

  14. The edges of a cuboid are in the ratio 1:2:3 and its surface area is 88cm². The volume of the cuboid is

    48 cm³

  15. The sides of a rectangular plot are in the ratio 5:4 and its area is equal to 500sq.m. The perimeter of the plot is

    90 m

  16. The average of 11 numbers is 10.8. If the average of the first six be 10.4 and that of the last six is 11.5 then the middle(6th) number is


  17. Rs 180/- contained in a box consists of one rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins in the ratio 2:3:4. What is the number of 50 palse coins?


  18. The ratio of two numbers is 3:8 and their difference is 115. Then the smaller of the two numbers is


  19. If a man estimates his loss as 20% of the selling price, then his loss percent is

    Data inadequate

  20. By selling an article for Rs.240/- a man incurs a loss of 10%. At what price should he sell it so that he makes a profit of 20%?


  21. The cost price of 15 articles is same as the selling price of 10 articles. The profit percent is


  22. A man buys 12 articles for Rs 12/- and sells them at the rate of Rs. 1.25 per article. His gain percentage is


  23. If x²,x²y,y³ and k are in proportion, the value of k is


  24. The age of a man and his son are in the ratio 3:1. fifteen years hence, the ratio will be 2:1. then the present ages of the father and son are

    45,15 years

  25. the first,second and the last terms of a G.P. of n terms are 3,12 and 3072 respectively. Then the value of n is


  26. The value of log 5?5 125 is


  27. The valued of ?13+?7+?4


  28. The mean of 200 items was 40. Later it was discovered that to observations were mis-read as 46 and 32 in place of 64 and 23. The corrected mean is


  29. If the mean of 5 observations is x, x+2, x+4,x+6 and x+8 is 11, then the average of first 4 observations is


  30. Banker's gain on a bill is Rs. 40; whose present worth is Rs. 1440. Then T.D. is

    Rs. 240

  31. By selling 21 articles a shop keeper gains the selling price of one article this gain percentage is


  32. What must be subtracted from the term of ratio 5:8 to get 2:5?


  33. The graph of the equation 2x-3y=6 intersects the y-axis at the point


  34. The distance between the centres of two equal circles each of radius 3 em is 10 cm. The length of a transverse tangent is


  35. What is the area of the triangle whose sides at 9cm, 10cm and 11cm?

    30?2 cm²

  36. A boy can swim in still water at a speed of 10 kn/hr. If the speed of the current would have been 5kmph, then the boy could swim 60km

    downstream in 4 hours f.

  37. If the length of a rectangle increases by 12% and the breadth by 10% then the percentage increase in area is


  38. If a man were to sell his wrist- watch for Rs 720, he would lose 25%. What price must he sell at for to gain 25%?

    Rs 1200

  39. The mean of 11 numbers is 35. If the mean of first 6 numbers is 32 and that of the last 6 numbers is 37, find the sixth number.


  40. The ratio of the income of A and B as well as of B and C is 3:2. If one third of A's income exceeds one fourth of C's income by Rs 1000, What is B's income in Rs?


  41. The discount equivalent to two successive discounts of 10% is


  42. A fan is listed at Rs 150 and a discount of 20% is given. Then the selling price is

    Rs 120

  43. 18 boys can do a piere of work in 24 days . In how many days can 27 boys do the same work?


  44. The length of a read is one kilometre. The number of plants required for plantation at a gap of 20 metres in both sides of the road is


  45. The perpendiculars, drawn from the vertices to the opposite sides of triangle, meet at the point whose name is


  46. What is the height of a cylinder that has the same volume and radius as a sphere of diameter 12 cm?

    8 cm

  47. The sides of a triangle are 16 cm, 12 cm and 20 cm. Find the area

    96 cm²

  48. Two numbers 11284 and 7655, when divided by a certain number of three digits, leaves the same remainder. The sum of digits of such a three-digit number is


  49. if sin 7x=cos 11x, then the value of tan 9x + cot 9x is


  50. The value of tan 10° tan 15° tan 75° tan 80° is


  51. If the ratio of the diameters of two right circular cones of equal height be 3:4. Then the ratio of their volumes will be


  52. A metallic sphere of radius 10.5 cm is melted and then recast into small cones each of radius 3.5 cm and height 3 cm. The number of cones thus formed is


  53. The area of a rhombus is 216 cm and the length of its one diagonal is 24 cm. The perimeter(in cm) of the rhombus is


  54. A quadrilateral ABCD circumscribes a circle and AB=6 cm, CD=5 cm and AD=7 cm. The length of side BC is

    4 cm

  55. If the graphs of the equations x+y=0 and 5y+7x=24 interest at(m,n), then the value of m+n is


  56. A single discount equivalent to successive discounts of 20%, 10% and 5% is


  57. A cloth merchant on selling 33 metres of cloth obtains a profit equal to the selling price of 11 metres of cloth. The profit is


  58. Three men can complete a piece of work in 6 days. Two days after they started the work. 3 more men joined them. How many days will they take to complete the remaining work?

    2 days

  59. The ratio of boys and girls in a college is 5:3. If 50 girls join the college, the ratio become 9:7. The number of boys n the college in


  60. A reduction of 20% in the price of rice enables a customer to purchase 12.5 kg more for Rs 800. The original price of rice per kg is

    Rs 16

  61. When n is divided by 6, the remainder is 4. When 2n is divided by 6, the remainder is


  62. The radii of two circles are 10 cm and 24 cm The radius of a circle whose area is the sum of the areas of these two circles is

    26 cm

  63. The sum of interior angles of a regular polygon is 1440°. The number of sides of the polygon is


  64. If a chord of a circle is equal to the radius of the circle, then the angle subtended by the chord at a point on the minor arc is


  65. If the ratio of volumes of two cones cones is 2:3 and the ratio of the radii of their bases is 1:2, then the ratio of their heights will be


  66. The altitude drawn to the base of an isosceles triangle is 8 cm and its perimeter is 64 cm. The area(in cm²) of the triangle is


  67. The area of the triangle formed by the graphs of 3x+4y=12.x-axis and y-axis(in sq.units) is


  68. A vendor loses the selling price of 4 oranges on selling 36 oranges. His loss percent is


  69. Mohan sold his watch at 10% loss. if he had sold it for Rs. 45 more, he would have made 5% profit. The selling price(in Rs.) of the watch was


  70. A reduction of 10% in the price of a commodity enables a person to buy 25 kg more for Rs. 225. The Original price of commodity per kg was

    Rs. 1

  71. The average age of A and B is 20 years. If A is to be replaced by C, the average would be 19 years. the average age of C and A is 21 years. The ages of A. B and C in order(in years) are


  72. Zinc and copper are in the ratio 5:3 in 400 gm of an alloy. How much of copper(in grams) should be added to make the ratio 5:4?


  73. If 120 is 20% of a number, then 120% of that number will be


  74. The product of two numbers is 2160 and their HCF is 12. Numbers of such possible pairs is


  75. Two right circular cones of equal height of radii of bases 3 cm and 4 cm are melted together and made to a solid sphere of radius 5 cm. The height of a cone is

    20 cm

  76. if two pipes function simultaneously, a tank is filled in 12 hours. One pipe fills the tank 10 hours faster than the other. How many hours does the faster than the other. How many hours does the faste


  77. If the interior angle of a regular polygon is double the measure of exterior angle, then the number of sides of the polygon is


  78. A kite in the shape of a square with diagonal 32 cm attached to an equilateral triangle of the base 8 cm. Approximately how much paper has been used to make it?(use?3=1.732)

    539.712 cm²

  79. The perimeter of a rhombus is 100 cm and one of its diagonals is 40 cm. Its area(in cm²) is


  80. If the base of a right pyramid is triangle of sides 5 cm, 12 cm , 13 cm and its volume is 330 cm³, then its height(in cm) will be


  81. If 4 men or 6 women can do a piece of work in 12 days working 7 hours a day; how many days will it take to complete a work twice as large with 10 men and 3 women working together 8 hours a day?


  82. If the graphs of the equations 3x+2y=18 and 3y-2x=1 intersect at the point(p,q), then the value of p+q is


  83. A mobile phone is listed at Rs. 1,500 and a discount of 10% is offered on the list price. What additional discount must be offered to the customer now to bring the net price to Rs. 1,242?


  84. If the cost price of 12 pens is equal to the selling price of 8 pens, the gain percentage is


  85. An article was sold at a profit of 12%. If the coast price would be 10% less and selling price would be Rs.5.75% more, there would be profit of 30%. Then at what price it should be sold to make a prof

    Rs. 138

  86. A mixture contains alcohol and water in the ratio 4:3. If 5 litres of water is added to the mixture, the ratio becomes 4:5. The quantity of alcohol in the given mixture is

    10 litres

  87. If (a+b):(b+c):(c+a)= 6:7:8 and (a+b+c)=14, then the value of c is


  88. The average of nine consecutive numbers is n. If the next two numbers are also included the new average will

    increase by 1

  89. Arbind spends 75% of his income and saves the rest. his income is increased by 20% and he increases his expenditure by 10%. Then the increase in savings in percentage is


  90. In a division sum, the divisor is 12 times the quotient and 5 times the remainder. If the remainder is 36, then the dividend is


  91. If the difference of two numbers is 3 and the difference of their squares is 39; then the larger number is ............


  92. In a school, the ratio of boys to girls is 4:3 and the ratio of girls to teachers is 8:1. The ratio of students to teachers is ........


  93. The average of four consecutive even numbers is 9. Find the largest number.


  94. The ratio of the edges of rectangular parallelopiped is 1:2:3 and its volume is 1296 cubic cm. The area of the whole surface in sq.cm. is ....


  95. A team played 40 games in a season and won in 24 of them. What percent of games played did the team win?


  96. The length of a minute hand of a clock is 7cm. The area swept by the minute hand in 30 minutes is .........

    77 sq.cm.

  97. A batsman in his 12th innings makes a score of 63 runs and there by increases his average scores by 2. What is his average after the 12th innings?


  98. A can do a piece of work in 20 days which B can do in 12 days. B worked at it for 9 days. A can finish the remaining work in ....

    5 days

  99. The volume of a cubical box is 3.375 cubic metres. The length of edge of the box is ....

    1.5 m

  100. The difference between the interest received from two different banks on Rs 500 for 2 years is Rs 2.50. The difference between their rates is ...