General Awareness

  1. Who won the Silver Medal for the Women's 400 metre race in the Asian Atheletic Championships 2013?

    M.R. Poovamma

  2. "Table sugar" is which type of sugar?


  3. A portable, personal computer small enough to fit on your lap is called a

    Note-book Computer

  4. A computer programming language often used by children is


  5. When two semiconductors of p- n junction which acts like a/an


  6. A white and smooth surface is

    bad absorber and good reflector of heat

  7. Chlorophyel containing autotrophic thallophytes is called as


  8. In the human body, which of the following organs is responsible for water balance?


  9. An organism which can monitor air pollution is


  10. Lactogenic hormone is secreted by


  11. Phototropic movement is controlled by


  12. Asia and North America are separated by

    Bering Strait

  13. Which of the biomes is called the "Bread Basket" of the world?

    Mid-latitude grasslands

  14. The cost temperate greasslands of south America are known as


  15. The cup-shaped mouth of the volcano is


  16. The Greater Himalayas is otherwise called as


  17. During British rule, who was instrumental for the introduction of the Ryotwari system in the then Madras Presidency?

    Thomas Munro

  18. Which was the earlies settlement of the Dutch in India?


  19. The Capital of the ancient Chola kingdom was


  20. The Attorney General of India has the right of audience in

    any Court of law within India

  21. Which Article of the Indian Constitution directs the State Governments to organize Village Panchayats?

    Article 40

  22. Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by the


  23. Where do we find the ideals of Indian democracy in the Constitution?

    The Preamble

  24. Who said "Rama Rajya through Grama Rajya"?

    Mahatma Gandhi

  25. The law of demand is based on

    consumer's preference

  26. Production of a commodity mostly through the natural process is an activity of

    primary Sector

  27. The Ketbul Lamjao, the only floating national Park in the world is in


  28. Which union Territory in India has four districts but none of its districts has a common boundary with its other districts?


  29. Who is the author of the book "The State of the Nation"?

    Fall S. nariman

  30. which country will host the next world Cup Football in 2014?


  31. Which country won the maximum number of medals in the Asian Athletic Championships held in Pune recently?


  32. The endangered species are listed in what color data book?


  33. Natural rubber is a polymer of


  34. The database in which records are organised in a tree-like structure is

    Hierarchical database

  35. Identify the DBMS among the following


  36. The deciduous trees will

    Shed their leaves every year

  37. In electro-refining, the pure metal is deposited on


  38. An example of heterocyclic compound is


  39. Centigrade and Fahrenhelt temperatures are the same at


  40. The Laser is a beam of radiations which are

    Coherent and monochromatic

  41. Ohm's law is valid in case of


  42. Self pollination will lead to


  43. Subtropical high pressure belts are otherwise called

    Horse lattudes

  44. The old and worn-out red blood corpuscles are destroyed in


  45. Which gland in the human body regulates the secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland?

    Hypothalamus gland

  46. The non-green heterotrophic plants of plant kingdom are


  47. Hydroponics is a method of culture of plants without using


  48. The formation of 'Mushroom rock ' in desert region is an example of


  49. Soil which is prone to intensive leaching due to rain is called


  50. The highest waterfall of India is in the state of


  51. When the East India Company was formed, the Mughal emperor in India was


  52. The "Grand canyon" is on the river


  53. Name three important forms of Satyagraha

    Non-cooperation, civil disobedience and boycott

  54. Which one of the following literary pieces was written by krishna Devaraya?

    Amukta Malyada

  55. The script of the Indus Valley Civization is


  56. The President of India has the discretionary power to

    Appoint the Prime Minister

  57. Who said "Man is a social animal"?


  58. Variation in Cash Reserve ratio and Open Market Operations are instruments of

    Monetary policy

  59. Goods which are meant either for consumption or for investment are called

    Final goods

  60. The Union territory of Puducherry does not have a common boundary with


  61. kisan Diwas(Farmer's Day) is observed on the

    23rd December

  62. Who is the Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas?

    M. Veerappa Moily

  63. Which one of the following annual cultural events is not held in Madhya Pradesh?

    Marwar Festival

  64. In which event in the Asian Athletic Championships, 2013 Vikas Gowda won a gold medal

    Discus throw

  65. The gas used to extinguish fire is

    Carbon monoxide

  66. A type of internet account, in which the computer is not connected directly to the net.

    TCP/IP Account

  67. Sulphuric acid is


  68. Ionisation energy of nitrogen is greater than that of oxygen because nitrogen has

    Stable half filled 2p sub level

  69. The non-metal found in the liquid state is


  70. In a filament type light bulb most of the electric power consumed appears as

    infra-red rays

  71. Who produced the concept of stored program "?

    John Von Neumann

  72. Rinderpest disease of Cattle is caused by


  73. Name the tiny pores present on the surface of leaves in plants.


  74. The Coast of Norway is an example of

    Fiord Coast

  75. Which of the following does not act both as an exocrine gland and as an endocrine glkand


  76. The plant that behaves as a root parasite is


  77. For the annexation of which Indian Kingdom, the "Doctrine of Lapse" was not followed?


  78. The Market Regulation system was introduced by

    Ala-ud-din khilji

  79. Breaking down of rock in situ is known as


  80. The highest mountain peak in Penninsular India is


  81. In which House, is the Presiding Officer, not a member of that HOuse?

    Lok Sabha

  82. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committe of the Parliament is appointed by

    Speaker of Lok Sabha

  83. How many members are nominated by the President to Rajya Sabha?


  84. Which dynasty immediately succeeded the Maurya dynasty and ruled Magadha kingdom?


  85. "Residuary powers" under the Indian Constitution means

    The powers, which have not been specifically enumerated in the Union List, State List and Concurren

  86. To which category right to vote belongs?

    Political Rights

  87. Third stage of law of Vartable Proportion is called

    negative returns

  88. Cross demand expresses the functional relationship between

    demand and prices of related commodities

  89. Which Indian industry is employing large number of workers?

    Iron & Steel Industry

  90. The income of indians working abroad are a part of

    net domestic products of India

  91. The rapid sliding of large masses of bed rocks is called .......


  92. Symptoms of Jaundice occur mainly due to disorder and malfunction of:


  93. An ant can see the objects all around it due to the presence of:

    Compound eyes

  94. The Temperate grasslands of North America are known as:


  95. The Members and Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission, are appointed by the ...

    President of India

  96. The Chinese pilgrim visited India during the reign of Harshavardhana was

    Hiuen Tsang

  97. The Kharif crops are harvested in ....

    October - November

  98. The two metal ions that cause hardness to water are ...

    Calcium and Magnesium

  99. Jaws are absent in


  100. Who was the first Indian Governor General after Lord Mountbatten?

    C. Rajagopalachari